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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 4, 2011 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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welcome to "red eye." lets a -- let's go to andy levy. what's coming up on tonight es -- on tonight's show? >> turn the beat around. the protest known as occupy wall street is known in new york. what a town, am i right, people? and do a bunch of letters on a rock in a texas hunting lodge spell doom for rick perry's presidential campaign? and final leyden mark level usa -- and finally denmark levels attacks. >> thank you, andy. >> happy improve your office day. >> i have started by installing a foot bath. >> is that why i heard yani in there? >> it puts me in gentle mood. >> i wasn't talking about the music. >> i was talking about my massage therapist. >> did i here manual? >> he was there for my pedicure. >> manny gives the best pedis.
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>> there is nothing like a manny for a pedi. what are you doing -- what are you doing to improve your office? >> i don't have an office. >> oh yeah, i forgot. too bad. >> sure. start your stupid show. happy improve your office day, don't think so. >> stop reading the tele prompter while he was tolking. i thought it was over. i apologize. she is so hot she sneezes lava. i am here with the attorney and former contestant on "the apprentice." and he is so rich he belches gold. and roaches have their houses sprayed for him. it is my sidekick, bill schulz. and if jokes were nuts, he would be covered with adorable squirrels. >> thank you. >> because he is filled with nuts. >> i am voting for rick perry. >> of course, you are. that's a nice endorsement.
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and he is a talking publication that causes aggravation. good to see you, pinch. >> breaking. according to times reporters eric lip ton and matthew walt, there are early white house worries about cylindra and joe biden accidentally writes his e-mails in the subject header. i kid the joke. ♪ all the news that's fit to print ♪ >> that was unnecessary. >> you're unnecessary. count it. >> i didn't see that one coming. >> i didn't see you seeing that one coming. i'm tired. >> okay, they set out to occupy wall street, but now they have:00 tied our hearts. -- they have occupied our hearts. the scam ps who have been protesting something had quite a weekend. on saturday over 700 of themselves arrest oatd brooklyn -- arrested on the brooklyn bridge, a bridge in brooklyn. the protesters say they were tricked into crossing the
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roadway and then charged with disorderly con -- conduct. boy, are they stupid. but on sunday the nypd released this video that showed otherwise. >> open the bridge. open the bridge. open the bridge. >> i love the woman who covers half of her face with a sweater like they are in the plo like there is a huge threat. this is not yemen. this is the brooklyn bridge. you are like 500 yards from a microbrewery. i bet this could all be cleared up if the protesters the had a high-powered pr firm like the way the evil corporations do. oh wait, they do. work house publicity that does
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work for fashion week has taken it upon themselves to help out. they sent out an e-mail to blast the members of the media. they say workhorse will, quote, publicize the message as the march continues." and then there is the delightful roseanne bar who talks about what would happen to rich people. >> i would allow the guilty bankers the ability to pay back $100 million personal wealth. i believe in a maximum wage of $100 million. if they are unable to live on that amount, they should go to the re-education camps and if that doesn't help, be beheaded. >> i think i was once married to her in the 80s. >> we all were. >> actually you were right before me which was a big let down for her. i won't say why. sherrod, you look at the crowd, and are these people you have anything in common with when you see them?
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>> some of them. they like to get high at least. first of all, you are right about locking the arms. why lock your arms? it doesn't even work on kickoff. they can break right through that. my beef is with the nypd, and not just off face value. i'm black. why are you locking up 700 people and costing the taxpayers money? we have to take care of these people, feed these people in jail. why? >> i think they held them for a couple hours, but i think that's their job. these guys are breaking the law and trespassing. they are essentially closing down a bridge which is used by hundreds of thousands of people who need to go to work. they are not hurting the rich. they are hurting the cabdrivers and the delivery drivers and somebody else you could name. >> they can take one of any other seven bridges. >> if you were on that bridge you would have felt differently if you were on your way to, say, buying your drugs. >> first, i would be delivering. >> well, what if your delivery
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man cooperate get to your apart -- couldn't get to your apartment. >> he lives on my floor in my building. >> there are smaller protests going on. is it time to start taking this seriously, or is this just a lark by a bunch of life infested losers? >> i love their argument that they were tricked to go to the bridge. there is one guy on the other side of the bridge with a grilled cheese and a bunch of mushrooms and they all went runng after him to get to the other side. 24pisses me -- this pisses me off. as a guy who was once a hippie and turned into a wall street guy. they quit their jobs and moved to neb nene -- moved from a park in nebraska to a park in manhattan. >> there is a better life than nebraska. >> it is true, but it is so anti-america. these people are jealous and they stink. it blows my mind. goldman sacks and jp morgan
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were once companies with two and three people trying to make it. they made themselves, and now they are evil. they employ all of these people's fathers and grandfathers and now they hate them and go against it. >> can we get a point, counter point. that was great. but now can we talk to hippie matt? hip me matt, what say you of these protests? >> i'm too busy backing paing through europe, man. -- backpacking through europe, man. i'm too busy with a nice cold one, man. >> and now my favorite game, what's in the pipe? >> unreal. i -- you are a hippie-crite. >> and i did stink at that point and i was jealous of everybody else. >> you didn't look like you were jealous of anything. you didn't look like you knew who you were. >> he makes a great point.
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the fact that corporations are merely people that get together voluntarily to make money to provide for themselves and their families, these people don't want that. they want to get together and take that away. >> i don't think they know what they want. ordinarily i love when people get involved in democracy and protests, you know, have a purpose. but before you go and block traffic and you put 700 new cases into the criminal justice system, you should have a purpose. some are doing it for social injustice. others are saying they are doing it because of the wealth gap. they have no purpose. i know the tea party started out like that. >> the tea parties were mocked and called tea bagers. >> it is not funny. >> you should call these guys the flea bagers. >> a cap starts with two people. that's how everything evil starts. >> that's how everything good starts.
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>> at some . you have to regulate these people because they can get out of control. >> are you saying corporations are like nazis? >> some are not. >> did you know what's his face lost his gig on monday night football by comparing obama to hitler? >> first of all, i don't have a gig. >> come at me. >> bill, you got arrested over the weekend, but it had nothing to do with the protest. do you feel guilty for occupying the wall street folks? >> i love the idea of gill law teening the rich. can you imagine just sticking matt mccall's wiry little neck into one of those things and having it sliced up and you can throw all of the money on the neck hole. >> with that movie -- >> sherrod, how many times do i have to tell you, stop talking about the movie. >> i want to make it clear
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that we here do not endorse gilatining. tea parties, not a single arrest. everybody made fun of them. they were never arrested and they cleaned up where they went. roseanne bar, roseanne arnold, whatever her name swhy are -- why are the peacist and leftist advocating violence? and extremists are decent people that leave their home one day and wear hats and everybody thinks they are evil. it is the left that are the most violent and you can't deny that. >> both sides are violent, greg. >> shut up. >> roseanne is a comedian. >> and by the way, i almost lost an eye with one of those hats. those people move quick. >> do we want to continue on with this? i think we should move along. oh, i had an idea. we should go down there in disguise and try to pick up girls, and then invite them to a nice, pricey dinner, and then go, do you like this? this is how it works.
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you get a nice meal. >> how am i supposed to do this? we have a team of make up arp -- artists. now to a story i am scared to death of doing. can you obscure a slur? will a layer of paint get rid of the taint? they are fighting back against the report that his hunting camp contains a rock with an n "n"-word across from it. they said it was painted over nearly 30 years ago. they said, the word written by others is insensitive and uh fen tiff -- and offensive. that's why they took action to cover and obscure it. but perry's version of events differs from the recollection of several people interviewed by the post, most requested on an anonymity who recalls seeing the name while perry
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was associated with the property. on sunday herman cane weighed in. >> that's just very insensitive. that is a more vial, negative word than the n word and for him to leave it there as long as he did before i hear they finally painted over it is plain insensitive to a lot of black people in this country. >> meanwhile on monday the cacklers on "the view" discussed it. and while barbara walters and whoopi goldberg talked about it they took issue. >> the way you said it it was fine. when i heard you say it, i didn't like the way you said it. >> forgive me if i didn't say it is same way. >> even if you did you wouldn't have said it the right way. nothing on you, barbara. >> that is one of the most amazing debates ever. incredible. >> so will the rock be a road block for perry's bid to the top?
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we asked a goat to comment. >> i translated this to the problem that it reinforces the assumptions of racism in the south. i told you that guy has got to be a fox news contributor. sherrod, i go to you for no particular reason. you wanted to vote for perry. >> i love this collar. >> so here is the thing. all of the fearest critics have come out and said he is not racist. the people who know him say he is not racist. do you think it was a rock they painted over and it didn't get done. >> i didn't see the problem with it. that was the summer camp i went to for three years.
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>> it is bad publicity. you don't want to have a rock outside a property you own with somebody in head. it is a bad luck. and then it was taken and painted over. >> what neighborhood is this? 30 years ago it was okay to have this. where is this? >> 1950 in this area they had one black person out of the 3,500 -- >> and he was scared. >> he was a white guy and his name was roger black. >> you know what they called that black dude in that neighborhood? roger because there was only one of them. >> perry has appointed more minorities to statewide posts than any governor in texas history. shouldn't his actions matter more than this weird rock, or is that part of the problem is that he didn't care enough?
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>> no, actually to set the story straight, greg, they covered it. the second he knew about this horrible sign they covered it. that's the end of the story. i don't think there is anything about rick perry having studied him recently and having everything you just said, there is nothing about him that is racist. i think when you are a white, southern conservative male, this is really bad pr, but i don't think he is racist. i stand against the "n"-word as anyone in this world. >> here is how we can solve it. what did his black friends say about it? oh does he have one? >> that's a good one. >> was it his black friend -- friend, what does he say? >> remember at the time rick perry was a democrat and ron wilson served with perry when he was a democrat and says he doesn't have a racist bone in his body. >> i'm with him then. somebody to cosine. i need one of us to cosine and i am okay. >> what was your view on "the
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view"? >> i will say this with as much sincerity as i i can. sherry shepherd, you go, girl. >> i don't like how you said that. >> barbara said the word with the e-r and not the a and sherry didn't like that. >> that's how a white person would say it and then miss it. >> it f it was said that way it would be a record label. >> matt, is this going to hurt perry? >> i don't think it is a big thing at all. keep in mind too, even though it was called -- there was a lake and a river called this. this what is a name that was used preve prevalent around that area. not that it was right. >> i wonder if there are any houses for sale over there? >> there is a bigger story here. sherrod is going to be mad about this. it is over, it is done. you don't have it anymore. i wake up every morning to mr. potato head. i have to deal with that every
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morning. that's the end. >> before i answer that. north or south ireland because i don't talk to the north. >> pipe down there, buddy. >> we have to move on. coming up, are homely men a nuisance to society? we discuss her new book "stop bugging me you repulsive jerk." what is this? a story about food? you might call this red eye's wheel house.
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>> is a tax on butter for the better? denmark, a place over there somewhere that people don't care about thinks so. the junior varsity country has introduced what is believed to be the world's first fat food tax on crap with more than 2.3% saturated fat. why 2.3? apparently the danes don't
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like the danish. still they hoarded on food before it went into affect, and some even stocking up on butter in trips to other countries. i do bring my but other trips. said the head of the european public health alliance in 2010, denmark will not only increase general health among the population, but will ease the burden on the public healthcare system. stewed -- shut up, stupid jerk. we have danish to comment. >> shaw sherrod, what do you make of this? >> it is their way of us keeping them out of their
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country. and we will bring our own butter and ruin it. >> that's a good point. maybe it is their way of saying, if you like butter don't come here, and that's everybody. they have their own place. should the government tell you what you can and can't eat? >> absolutely not, especially when it is milk and cheese. like you said, danish people are not even fat. w4 i first read this story it said fat tax. i thought are they puting a tax on fat people, but that's the next step, greg. >> that should have been the first step. we saw the titles of your book. >> being fat is taxing in itself. we will be right back. no, we'll go to matt. 2004 denmark made it illegal for any food to have more than 2% trans fats. are these policies -- even if they work, isn't it wrong? basically they are taxing inert substances. >> who is choosing what to be taxed?
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i was stuck in denmark for a week when that whole volcano hit. >> everyone you brought home? >> next -- i mean they had some sizes out and now they want to tax refined carbohydrates and food with too much salt. it is not the whole fat thing. but what they are trying to push, but where is the end? it keeps snowballing. to get down to the numbers side, it will be 40 extra cents on a hamburger. you are not getting charged an extra 20% on the hamburger. to me it is trouble. >> and the reason why it is troubling is it isth is not a tax on the rich. it is a tax on the poor. who eats at mcdonalds? >> it is a tax on rich food, if you will. >> catch you later. >> i think the new fat tax
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should be you have to sleep with matt mccall. those girls he brought home are bone thin because of the experience. horrifying. >> what does denmark make that we eat. if france said no more butter it would be like, what's going on? but we don't eat danes' food. >> what do they eat? >> i eat danishs every night. >> that's code. >> i think their food s cru ks and that's why they can do this. they don't know how to cook. >> they have a great comedian, dane cook. we know we are running out of time when we can't think of jokes. >> when i think of denmark i think of wisconsin if it was a country. >> that's pretty good. maybe i like the danes. maybe i changed my mind about this. do you have a comment on the
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show? e-mail us at red eye at fox news .com. 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy. he is a disgusting human being. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by mattresses, the rectangular pad on coiled springs. thanks, mattresses. plap
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welcome back. let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. now to andy levy. >> greg, what's up? >> not much. >> can we start? >> didn't mean to interrupt you. >> that's fine. i had to figure out what i was having for dinner after the show. >> fantastic. >> occupy wall street. greg, i didn't know in the 80s were you married to roseanne bar. >> it was brief. it was passionate. i won't forget those moments. >> sure. >> she broke my heart and my futon. >> well played, sir. >> sherrod, you asked why the nymd is locking up several people. i'm sure all of those people were booked and released. >> booked and released?
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but you have to pay somebody to do the paperwork. it is a waste of money. if you put them back where you grabbed them fun -- >> are you saying they should have been tossed off the bridge? joy it is america, we are all about protest. >> but they blocked the bridge. >> key can't turn the whole university into kit university, can we? >> yes, we can. >> i have been watching the history channel. >> i thought he said can't university like a metaphor. >> i'm sure your delivery man does president uh -- does -- doesn't appreciate you saying -- >> he loves shout outs. he thinks somebody is at the door when i say his name on tv. >> matt, you said the story of the protest pisses you off. and i imagine it would considering you and your partners in crime helped destroy the economy of this great nation with your hedge funds and back assets you told your clients to buy and that stuff.
12:31 am
i imagine this gets to you. >> and when i try to get to work i have to smell these guys and it takes longer to get a coffee. >> you were a better person when you were a hippie, sir. >> by the way, i feel like the protesters are predominantly white. >> that's something that was often pointed out at the tea party. >> this is something we had to look at. >> did you see any black people? >> some black people went down to the protest, but we have to go to work after a couple days. >> we can give a day or two and then we have to get back to work. >> bill, you said you admire roseanne's idea of gee teening the rich. i think $100 million is the most people should have. guess who has a net worth of $100 million? >> she is reaching her tiping point. maybe she can pay greg back
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for the futon. >> and you said the longer the protesters are out there the longer you empathize with them jie. i am over here. >> i am with you on that. >> thank you. >> you know who likes protests, thomas jefferson. >> absolutely. >> wait until the first frost kicks in. >> they currently smell like thomas jefferson. >> like how thomas jefferson smells right now. >> rick perry's hunting lodge. you mentioned many critics have come out to say this story is clap. -- is crap. >> you brought up that democrat who worked with perry and said perry isn't racist. while it is jefferson who was appointed to be the first black chief justice, the controversy is, quote, much a
12:33 am
do about nothing. he says perry appreciates the role he plays in our state and nation, and quote to imply the governor condoned either the use of the word or the sentiment i find false. >> i think rick perry only likes those words like the rest of us like it. >> and interestingly enough, his family used to work for thomas jefferson. >> that's a good point. >> first of all, thank you for bravely coming out against the n word. kudos for taking the stand. >> our nation needs more people like that. secondly, perry's dad painted over the words "end of story" but is it? the washington post sites several people saw the word on iraq well after perry says his dad painted over it in the early 80s. >> anonymous people are like
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those people who go on blogs. you candice credit them. they are anonymous. >> okay. >> you know why i think they are anonymous because they went on the hunting trips. but there are stories of them being like, h this isn't funny. >> it didn't help rick perry it was a hunting lodge. >> i saw that movie before and ice t was in it. >> it was a great movie. >> matt, you said you don't think this story will have any negative affect on perry. i'm not sure i agree regardless of whether it should or not. it might. >> i think it is pretty much over already. >> then why are we talking about it? >> late news there. -- light news day. >> danish fat tax.
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greg asked if the government should tell you what you should and shouldn't eat via tax, and you said definitely not if it is milk or cheese. why if it is those things? >> that's all i eat, andy. >> so this is a principal stand you are take ?g. >> stay away from my dairy. >> she is lactose intolerant. >> matt, you were stuck in denmark during the volcano in iceland and you don't know where the thin danish girls are. i'm guessing they were all busy not going home with you. >> i think there are some big boned women. >> from the research you have done. >> and how thoughtful his delivery was on this. >> you know, i have done some
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studies. >> are you poo-pooing my research. >> you ask what foods danes have that we eat? >> danish. >> a danish person hasn't made -- >> at least like 1400 or something. >> i am done. >> thank god. i mean great job. coming up, david beckham is dead, tired of people making fun of how he talks. but first, what's next for amanda knox? probably getting back to thought murdering anyone.
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she was too hot for prison, physically speaking. she was convicted of murdering her roommate four years ago.
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i have not killed, i have not raped i was not there, i was not present, she said. so what did the jersey differently this time around? i know one guy who may have the answer. it is time for another visit from our former new york chief medical examiner and "red eye"'s correspondent. did she do it or not? >> the case was not proven in italy. she has been found not guilty now. >> right, i know. >> she will tell the real incidences in the blockbuster book about to come out. >> your gut tells you was she involved? >> i think she was involved. i think there was evidence of her bloody footprint at the scene. however, they didn't tie her into the murder specifically. but remember, even in this
12:41 am
country less than 15% of cases in the real world involve dna, murder cases. all of them involve dna on csi. so just because the dna doesn't match doesn't mean the person is innocent. but clearly they didn't prove it. >> so could she have just -- the bloody footprint, she could have just contaminated the crime scene, right? >> yes, if she were walking around without shoes on. >> because she was -- she claimed she was there and claimed she wasn't there. >> she gave a number of different stories including blaming a person who wasn't there at all. and then they had a lot of this evidence that she didn't behave right afterwards. she was doing cart wheels in the police department. >> she did? >> yes, when they were questioning her or something. but that doesn't prove she did anything. >> it proves something. it profits she can do a cart wheel. other than that, she's guilty jie. better than you or i.
12:42 am
>> i haven't done a cart wheel in ages. there is one time in lake tahoe. what constitutes enough dna to convict usually? >> it has to show that the dna of the victim is on the perpetrator or the perpetrator's dna is on the victim. that wasn't found. the dna they found was on a knife that was in a different apartment in a different building that was with her boyfriend that her dna could be on that. >> her dna was on the knife involved in the murder? >> well, the medical examiner testified that knife did not cause the injuries to the decedent. so it wasn't well done from a scientific point of view. >> let me ask you this, how long -- if i touch something in a room, how long is my dna there and left undisturbed? >> it could be there for hundreds of years. >> really? >> they can get dna from post-it stamps and paper a
12:43 am
hundred years ago from the post office or because if i put my hand down here on your table and nobody does anything for a hundred years, my fingerprints and my dna will stay here. >> here is the thing, this is another reason why you have to get rid of the postal service. i just don't need my stamps hanging out there. >> if i was smart, and people say i am, and i will take that -- >> you are very smart at night jie. in the daytime i am a dope. wouldn't i carry bill's dna with me and can't i leave it at crime scene? >> that's been done before. a guy tried to get out of jail by mailing some of his semen to his girl friend who then planted it someplace in a crime and then they figured it out. how could he be the serial murderer if he is in jail and still the murder ocurred? >> they figured it out?
12:44 am
>> yes. >> i would thinking you grab a handful of cigarette butts out of an ashtray from a bar and you can use those and put them everywhere. i used to do that a lot. i would go to open houses. >> it will conse the police. >> but i have changed that. >> speaking of police, what do you make of the silly blue berets? aren't italians supposed to be fashion forward? >> the seals have berets too, right? >> yes, but they were not seals. >> one last question before i want to move to the next topic, did the prosecution use the say tan nick ritual orgy thing -- when ever that plays into court you saw it with the mcmartin case, that has to tip you off. it is not real. >> the memphis three. the kids who just got out, satanic cults. when they go into satanic rituals you know the evidence is not strong. >> that should have been the tipoff right there. maybe she was there partying and the drifter guy did it,
12:45 am
but when they did the hypothetical satanic orgy people don't do that. the satanic orgy thing -- >> whoa, whoa, people do that. >> how do you know? >> denmark chicks. >> heard it on the street. >> i want to talk about this illinois man who pled guilty to striaing to kill his wife with a puffer fish. he wanted to collect $20 million on a life insurance policy. how did he get this stuff? >> from a scientific pharmaceutical company pre continuing he was -- pretending he was a doctor. he got a fugu and sometimes i had a case where someone from columbia university died because a japanese student who tried to make his own sachame and he included the liver which is loaded with this poison, fugu.
12:46 am
but fugu has another significance. there is a number of articles in books how fugu poisoning is what caused the hatians to imagine that zombies were around. >> i remember that. >> i think that has great social significance. >> and potential for a good weekend. how come when puffer fish swallow they don't die from their own poison? >> that's very good. supposedly puffer fish eat bacteria that have a poison and they develop an immunity and certainen enzymes. like electric eels aren't electrocuted. >> that is true. >> we develop cerin kinds of enzyme or chemicals that protect us. even if you cook the puffer fish it doesn't destroyed poison. >> it is like a stinky person like bill who can't smell his own stench because he is immune to it. >> that's right. >> why do you say that's right? that's not right. that's not even close to
12:47 am
right. >> so, dr. b if poison from a puffer fish killed me sthere any kind of animal i can kill with my spit. do i have the affect of a puffer fish? >> kurari was great. they got it from a plant, kurari, and women knew that even though the -- they can poison them. l, they are using them on their blow pipes. if they cook the animal it would destroy the kurari so humans can eat the cooked animal. people learn about some poi sons get destroyed by fires and some president don't. you can find a way to kill somebody by having them take a bite out of you.
12:48 am
>> if i were to put something in bill's coffee like from the puffer fish, could it be found? >> only if they look for it. you can find the toxin. >> how do we find that again? >> don't worry about it, bill. >> but the killer has to know in advance to look for. it. >> it is too late, by the way. enjoying your water? dr. b, always a pleasure having you on this show. you expand my mind as i clinch my heart in shock. >> i feel dizzy. >> you should. in about four hours you will be on the floor with matt. time to take a break. always a pleasure. coming up, the political ad, is there any other kind?
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>> finally a candidate who realizes the importance of 4* deaf metal. anyway, now we are taking a moment to honor a fallen "red eye" favorite. heidi, the cross eyed possum has died at a zoo in germany. this is my favorite animal of all time. let's take a moment to remember her.
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>> you knew what she was looking at, but somehow you felt she was staring into the eyes of god. >> the eyes of god and cross eyes made a bee line to my heart. i remember when i first found out. i was making a play for a big-boned denmark girl. greg, i was so upset i almost didn't have sex with her. >> wow. had a .-- poignant moment and he had to bring it down. we will wrap up up with a post game wrap up with andy levey. go to
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see you back at 5:00 p.m. eastern for "the five." return appearances from paul mccure yo and diane ma -- macedo and jaime weinstein. >> time to go back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> i am told heidi isn't dead. she is just playing possum. >> you know, what heart less. heartless. >> masa, why is your hair pink? >> october is breast cancer awareness month, and i am doing my part to get the word out, andy. >> excellent. >> i am that type of girl. >> good for you. >> the stock market is at a two-week low and your eagles suck. how is your life? >> my life sucks and my
12:59 am
girlfriend broke up with me last week. it has been a struggle. i was thinking of dying my hair pink to change things up too. >> i'm sure you waited the requisite four hours before jump ning -- jumping in the sack with another chick? >> sherrod,hat is going on in your life? >> it is breast cancer awareness week, so i'm giving free mammograms. you can catch me in it is city. free mammies for anyone who needs them. paul mccurio on the show tomorrow did the show with paw treat o'neil. it was great. it was fiery. >> nice. >> back to you, greg. >> i had a refrigerator. it died. >> it is like the wall street protesters. >> my punishment for making fun of them. ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. this is a fox news alert. we have new information


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